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The West Bloomfield Preschool Academy (WBPA) utilizes the HighScope approach. This model is used worldwide and encompasses the Early Childhood Standards of Quality and the Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs). HighScope uses a daily routine which consists of large and small group activities, work time (Plan-Do-Review), outside play, snack or meals, clean up, transitions to other activities and a rest period. The goal of our early childhood program is to develop competent, sensitive, enthusiastic learners who have the ability to adapt to a changing world.


We believe …

● That this learning best occurs in a comprehensive program, which includes an integrated curriculum and strong parent/community involvement.

● Each child is a unique individual with physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Recognizing that our children enter school with many different backgrounds, we provide individually rewarding and stimulating experiences in a diverse, bias-free environment.

We believe a child learns best in a warm, secure environment that provides opportunities for:

● Interaction with materials which encourage creativity, exploration, questioning and independent discovery. This interaction includes a variety of active, concrete, “hands on” learning experiences matched to individual abilities and learning styles.

● Interaction with ideas through open-ended and higher-order questions, problem solving, and discussions. This interaction emphasizes the process the child goes through to accomplish a task.

● Interaction with each other and all adults through quality and uninterrupted play situations. This interaction promotes cooperation, self-responsibility and respect for self and others.

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